Prerequisites & Setup


To get started you'll need to have:
  • Node.js installed
  • Yarn installed
  • Git installed
  • Clone of the Workshop Repo

Node.js Installation

Node.js is a runtime for Javascript that lets you run and build applications in Javascript outside of a web browser.
Visit the Node.js Download page for binary packages, or visit for installation right from your console.

Yarn installation

Yarn is the package manager we'll use for downloading and keeping track of the dependencies we need for our project.
To install, run corepack enable in your terminal.
If you're running an npm version older than 16.10, you will instead need to runnpm i -g corepack. Learn more on the Yarn Installation page.

Git Installation

Git is a tool used to manage your project's source code.
To install, follow the instruction available here or try Github Desktop.

Clone the Workshop

To clone the repo, open up your terminal, navigate to the folder you want to put the code, and run
git clone
Lastly, run cd skynet-workshop to enter the directory.


Install Dependencies

Open your terminal to the cloned repo folder and run yarn install to install the project's dependencies. This can take a while and will install over a thousand code libraries in the node_modules folder. We're building on the shoulders of giants!

Start Development Server

Run yarn start to spin up a local development server that serves our application. If your browser doesn't launch, visit localhost:3000. Create React App will auto-reload when you save a file, but sometimes you may need to stop the server and run the command again. (Use Ctrl+C in the terminal to stop your app.)