Operating a Skynet Webportal


Skynet's decentralization depends not just on architecture, but also on access. Skynet needs a decentralized network of portal operators, and all of our tools for running and maintaining a multi-server web portal are open-source.
If you're unfamiliar with Skynet portals, please see Web Portals on Skynet in the Getting Started guide and the Portals support article.
It is very uncommon that a project would need to run a webportal. If you're building a web app or any project where you don't want to run a webportal, you probably don't need to.

Web Portal Components

Running a web portal consists of 3 major services
  • skyd – the Skynet daemon used for interacting with the Sia and Skynet networks
  • skynet-webportal – the webportal stack used for exposing skyd to the web
  • skynet-accounts – the service used for creating and maintaining user portal accounts

Getting Started

Please see the documentation in the Webportal Management section to get started.