.bit Names


.bit is a self-sovereign data container that can be used as a domain name for your decentralized web application to live. Any application can read the data in your .bit, but only the registrant can write to it.
.bit names are designed to be multi-chain by default and run on Nervos.

Step 1: Get your .bit

Visit https://app.did.id/explorer and search for your preferred alias. The explorer will notify you if the name that you have selected is available. Afterwards, you will be prompted to enter registration details. You should see the screen below:
You can pay for your .bit by connecting through ETH, BSC, Polygon, or TRON. Or you can use a Torus wallet and connect through your socials such as Twitter. For more information on that, check out the information available here: https://talk.did.id/t/how-to-register-a-bit-account-using-my-email-twitter-etc/448

Step 2: Manage your .bit

  • Update your Skynet entry to "sia://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" where x's are replaced with your Skylink.

Step 3: Save and sign

After you have entered your Skylink and saved it to "Dweb", you will need to save and sign your changes. Then, Voila! Your .bit should now pull up the content hosted at your skylink.
If you enter multiple Dweb entries, .bit will route only to the earliest one that you've entered. If you'd like to change which is routed to - you will need to delete all Dweb entries except for the one with your preferred Skylink.
To visit your site, simply visit append .bit.cc to your .bit NAME in any web browser. (e.g. https://skynetlabs.bit.cc )