Skynet Developer Guide


Welcome to our documentation for developers in the Skynet ecosystem. These build on our Skynet Guide and bring these concepts to life in code and with additional technical details needed by developers. If you need a quick primer on Skynet, reading through the Getting Started section will help you understand Skynet before trying to build with it.
These docs are in their early stages. If you have pressing questions, join our Discord.

Why Develop on Skynet?

Skynet offers several advantages to developers:
  • Developers don't have to manage or pay for any infrastructure.
  • Once deployed, applications are independent and need no further caretaking by the developer.
  • Application data is user-controlled, available across applications, so your application can utilize pre-existing user information instead of starting from scratch.
  • You'll be able to monetize your application without the use of advertising (soon).
These docs have several key sections:
  • Getting Started - New to Skynet? Start here.
  • Skynet Workshops - Walkthroughs for building Web Apps with Skynet
  • Skynet Topics - Articles about Skynet components, how they work under the hood, and how to use them in your application
  • Integrations - Extensions of the Skynet ecosystem to help build more powerful and flexible applications
  • Developer Guides - Assorted resources, walkthroughs, and best practices.
  • Webportal Management - Get started running your own Skynet Webporal
  • APIs & SDKs - Easy to access links to external documentation and repos.
This documentation is open-source, so if you see a problem or want to know how to do something we don't address -- please submit an issue to the Github repo or reach out on the Skynet Discord.

Additional Developer Resources

  • Skynet SDK Docs - Documentation for SDKs, including some public web portal APIs
  • Skynet Github - Hosts repos for SDKs, workshops and more.
  • Skynet Gitlab - Home of skyd
  • Sia Docs - The renter/ and skynet/ endpoints contain the API for skyd and some are accessible on public web portals. This documentation will move soon.
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